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For today’s prompt, write a blanket poem. In my part of the country, we’ve had a recent cold spell and folks have been cuddling up under their blankets. In other places, they’ve even had to deal with a blanket of snow. Some people–regardless of the weather–have their security blankets, which may or may not be actual blankets. And some folks make blanket statements. There may be other ways to cover a blanket poem and if you know it, then go for it.


by John Yeo


Spring the month of new life is here,
Blanketing the earth with short-lived beauty.
The pink of apple blossom mingles freely
With a sea of blue floral jewels below.

Apple trees, heavily laden with blossom.
Tall aged trees with gnarled wrinkled trunks.
The warm breezy zephyrs blow freely
Blanketing the ground with a carpet of petals.

Spring with a dazzling palette of colour,
Birdsong is deafening the morning hush.
Everywhere sounds of life abounding
The fertile earth is green and lush.

Daffodils with primroses peeking through
A multi-coloured patchwork of glory
Blanketing the earth with life anew
To continue an age old story.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


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