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Ermilia Picture it and write~ The Ugly Sisters

This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog.
As always the image is provided and credited by Ermilia  

Ugly Sisters

Original image: http://showmeyourmumu.tumblr.com/image/40022780071

by John Yeo

It was the time of the Christmas pantomime. The twins, Cleo and Marie were desperate to be in their first stage show. They went to the audition together, where to their horror, the only parts left were the ugly sisters in “Cinderella”. Everyone agreed they were far too pretty to be cast as ugly sisters. The girls cried, begged, pleaded and made such a scene their dramatic acting abilities were incredibly clear. The casting director decided to send them to a makeup artist to work magic and make them appear ugly. The professional makeup artist threw her arms up in the air, and shouted. “Impossible! I cannot work with these girls. How can I be expected to change Beauty into the Beast, twice?” The two girls got to work and created such a scene, she caved in and agreed to do her best. The makeup was applied liberally, wigs were added to create an effect of individuality. Everyone agreed that she had done her best but the twins would have to act even more ugly to complete the effect.

Copyright © ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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2 thoughts on “Ermilia Picture it and write~ The Ugly Sisters

  1. This touches on something interesting in Cinderella. I actually like the idea of beautiful sisters ugly on the inside, more like Marguerite in Ever After than the traditional telling.


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