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For today’s prompt, write a blind poem. Three blind mice, blindfolded, she blinded me with science and so on. Maybe this is the one poem you try to write with your eyes closed.


by John Yeo

Secreted here in the woods

He could hear the slightest snap of a twig.

The woods smelt dank and damp,

Each tree emitted a unique smell.

He lovingly fondled his rifle,

Sensing the touch of cold steel.


He knew the sound of every bird

Memorising every note and call.

He had waited long for this moment

Waiting and sensing for his kill.

His mind drifted over the task ahead,

He had to find the mark,

Split second reactions on the alert.


Then his hearing came into play

As he heard an alien sound.

His pulse raced, his senses alert

He judged the sound to be very close.

He waited as the sound got louder.

He could almost smell the target.

He waited and judged the right moment,

Then he squeezed the hair trigger.


A cheer went up from nearby

As the blue team rejoiced his success.

The blind sniper was loved by all,

He had downed the red team leader

With the use of just one paint-ball.

Action bling

Shooters hide

Copyright ©  Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved.


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