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WRITING~Brain-Sparker Shuffle prompt ~

Half hour’s flash fiction ~ Prompted by Brain-Sparker.

PROMPT ~~~~ “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them” (Albert Einstein)


by John Yeo

The approach must alter radically. If we discard our first couple of solutions to any problem, we have a chance of coming up with a unique answer.
My first thought on this prompt? Was it really uttered by Albert Einstein? Many qoutes attributed to Mr Einstein are allegedly false simply doing the rounds of social media to garner interest.
To get back to the question posed. I think one needs to look for the obvious wrong answers to the problem and then work inwards from there, discarding and re-thinking along the way. Eventually the possible answers will be narrowed down to the feasible one or two.
If one decided to try to get a body of work published for example, the first question would be either to say, No! Leave the work on the computer and don’t bother with it. One day when I get five minutes I will get it published. Or, I would take a few sections and slowly drip-feed them on to a blog page. Then I would transfer them to some social-media areas to get some form of response and feed-back. If the feed-back was consistantly good, I would then go on to approach several publishers.
Perhaps I would attempt to enter the world of self-publishing, this is where the pathway could become tricky. There are many sharks out there, ready to seperate a self-opinionated would-be self-publisher from his money.
My next thoughts would be, how do I know if my work is good enough to share? Would it sell enough to cover the overall expenses? I would need advice and help from friends and writers who had travelled the thorny path before me. My continuous research and development have led me to realise that the road to successful publication is a very thorny path to follow indeed. There is a lot of luck and very hard work in finding the solution to any given problem, with a lot of soul-searching along the way.

 Perhaps there is no real final answer except to keep trying all the available solutions.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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