For today’s prompt, write a confession poem. For some poets, this may come naturally–confessing feelings, actions, and/or intentions. For others, it may be hard to get personal. That’s OK; take on another persona and write a “confession” for that person, animal, inanimate object, whatever.


Image © John and Margaret


by John Yeo

The cancer is very advanced,
Doctor you tell me I’ll die
The writing is on the wall.
I responded to the patient’s call
The cancer is incurable,
The patient is ready to die
The writing is certainly on the wall.
“I have a confession to make,
Will you hear my deathbed plea?”
I offered to call the chaplain,
“Please. No! I never believed”
Will you let me get this off my chest?
I would like to tell you in confidence
I have always done my level best
Something has always haunted me.”
“My wife is my Uncle’s daughter,
We fell madly in love and wed.
The only people who know the truth
Sadly are now all dead.
We married under false pretences
With a nod and a wink and love.
Some say our incestuous union
Is against the laws of God.
Please respect my confidence
In your special capacity.
My wife will inform our children
When they are old enough to see.
I would like you to offer her support
And assure her of my love for her.
We have known and trusted you for years
As a professional and a very good friend.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved.

Written for Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic asides blog on “Writers Digest”



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