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WRITING 101 Day one

I write because….

Why do you write? This is a question you can answer again and again, as your response might evolve over time. You may have already addressed it in a previous blog post. Some bloggers also use this question, and variations of it, to shape their bios and About pages. Why am I here? Who am I? Why do I blog?


by John Yeo

I write because I am interested in life and many things and I write to record my thoughts. I write and blog as much as I possibly can to enable my whole writing experience to be improved, to allow me to continue with my ultimate dream of writing a book. I am intensely interested and committed to achieving this goal, and I am always willing to take as much advice and criticism on board to smooth the passage.
Writing has always been a very strong personal interest, but sadly life and working for a living had overtaken the urge to commit words to paper on a regular basis for a large number of years. I am however very well-read and I am in awe of a wide variety of literature and the many great writers who spent their lives producing some very great works. Writing to me is the preparing and casting a magical spell by the power of words.
I never lost my interest and fascination with the written word and now retired from my career, I can and do find time to follow my dream. I believe that any form of communication that can break down barriers is very important. Words, both written and spoken are the ultimate and most important form of passing on the invaluable learning that is built up by the experience and learning gathered in a very full life.
I extend a very warm welcome to readers of my blogs and I would love to hear constructive thoughts and criticism or even appreciation.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved.



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