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Writing 101

Write a list

Today, let’s write a list. Compiling a list is a way to let loose, unlock ideas, and free your mind. At Things We Like, writer Jessica Gross compiles lists of things that other people like. In fact, Jessica’s site inspired me to draft my own extended list of things I like.

Today, write your own list on one of these topics:

Things I Like
Things I’ve Learned
Things I Wish


by John Yeo

This task looked extraordinarily easy at first glance and the more thought I put towards beginning my list, the harder it became to choose which of the three given categories to select. I find all three of the suggested likes are very interesting topics to boldly list, I am going straight to the top of the given list and work out my favourite things I like.

(1) ~ I like/love being married to my wife Margaret, this is certainly my number one like. We have so many interests in common and we share so much of our lives that I do really like her, intensely.
(2) ~ I particularly like the time I spend writing and creating poetry that I publish on my blogs and our website.
(3) ~ I like gardening, I like working in our garden and enjoying the results of my labours, seeing beautiful plants and flowers bloom in their season as the year goes around.
(4) ~ I like growing vegetables on my allotment, I spend a couple of hours a day in the fresh air working with the soil and enjoying the sights and sounds of the wildlife.
(5) ~ I like the taste of the home-grown vegetables that I produce and I always have an over abundance. I like to give the surplus vegetables away to friends.
(6) ~ I like seeing my grandchildren and my great grandchildren growing up so fast. The photographs of their progress are amazing.
(7) ~ I like playing bowls and spending time with Margaret at our bowling club. The outdoor bowling green is a wonderful place to spend a warm Summers afternoon.
(8) ~ I like going on holiday and seeing new sights and enjoying the flavours and cultures of countries and places I have never seen before.
(9) ~ I like the taste and the variety of food that Margaret cooks in our kitchen. The flavours and fresh tasting succulent sometimes spicy food she produces are wonderful.
(10) ~ I like my life and lifestyle now I am retired, my life is so very full of many interests that sometimes I can’t find the time to do all I would like to do.
Lastly I like the fact that this list is just a very rough unfinished list of everything I like about my personal life. I like how lucky I am to be able to produce a list like this.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Image © John and Margaret



4 thoughts on “WRITING 101 ~ DAY TWO ~

  1. I envy you! You have a good life. You have and are doing all the things that I have only dreamed of. [Tug of envy in my heart!] I can literally smell the earth, see the growing vegetable, taste the delicious dishes served up by Margaret, hear the cries and laughter of kids, touch and appreciate all the good things in your life (and I’m retiring next year). Feel so good for you and your loved one. I’m sure you cherish them and every moment you are in their midst. Here’s wishing all you the very best in life.

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