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For this exercise, use one of the images above as the creative spark for today’s post. You might use it as the setting for a story or poem, write about how it makes you feel, or describe a memory conjured by it.

The Window
Free to use image from Word Press
  WRITING 101~ 10th SEPTEMBER 2015 ~


by John Yeo

 The moonbeams came flooding through the bedroom window as I crossed the frontier from my conscious mind into a surreal dreamworld. I could clearly see and hear the proceedings of a very high power important open public meeting attended by the leading figures of the Lunar government.

 The meeting was called to address an ongoing invasion of citizens from the poorer overpopulated areas of the Moon attempting to gain access to the wealth and prospects that were only obtainable to a minority.

 The windows of opportunity were set high to allow as few people as possible to take advantage of the amazing new frontiers that made up the land of milk and money.
  “Why are the windows set so high? ” asked an inquisitive man who had been raided twice by devils who were forever seeking to steal his land by claiming some outlandish form of prior occupation centuries before.

 After some time of deep thought and concentrated effort of mind power the sage old elder of the community replied:
  “Legend has it that our forefathers were very high-minded people and ruled over a sacred preserve that was an occupied territory of three quarters of the entire moon. It was decreed that outsiders were not worthy of the sights and relativity that would be revealed through the windows on a continual basis. Therefore our leaders ordered that windows should be used to allow the light of day just to penetrate and lighten our darkness. Visually quarantined from the wonders that could be revealed by true enlightenment the masses would be firmly under control, and contented minds were pliable minds.”

 Another of the wise men seated around the table of enlightenment gasped as he had a flash of inspiration.
  “The trickle of invaders using the windows of opportunity could quickly become an unstoppable, uncontrollable flood if they were at a lower level!”
He shuddered at the thought of having to share the wealth of knowledge, that was available lying around for the taking.
  “Why don’t we blackout all the windows and exclude everybody from the truth! We have the technology to repel these seekers from ever seeing through the curtains and envy would be a thing of the past.”
 The chairman responded with derision to this suggestion. “Order, order!
Don’t be so stupid! However can we deny people access to the higher levels of understanding by keeping them in the dark?”

 A quiet controlled precise voice, with the patience gained from many years of patient reasoning began to put forward this view.
  “We must fill these communal windows with entertainment, much entertainment. Shows, sport, soap-operas any form of mind-filling, time-consuming entertainment. We must keep the invasion of seekers for our lands and livelihood to a trickle. The only way to stem the flood would be to paint an unrealistic picture of our way of life and our fast advancement. Allow a feeling of unattainability to build up through flooding the enquiring minds with popular media, bombarding the invaders with gifts of alcohol, tobacco and mind-altering visions of relative unattainability. The windows are always open to any determined seeker but the bulk of the invaders of our established serenity must be deterred at all costs, and lulled into a false sense of security and wellbeing.”
 A voice was the raised from the back of the room. “You mean share our technology to quell the masses and transmit information from our side of the windows to the masses through generating mystery magic and mystique with a sense of blunted vision and distorted enquiring abilities?”

 A very impressively dressed high ranking leader then addressed the meeting. “The flood of invaders trying to breach our well-protected land must be repelled by all possible means at our disposal. There is a story of a leader of these people who is able to move mountains and cross seas at a leap, we must do something to disempower this person. Perhaps we should hunt him down and make an example of him and then the control of the invaders would surely follow.”

 I remember this detailed vivid dream as I became a part of the action and I was actually present when this meeting was taking place.
  “Hey!” I interjected. “Is it not wrong and slightly misguided to attempt to suppress people and control the urge to seek self-improvement?”
 There was a ripple of surprise and shock as I made my statement. Shock that became anger and there was a move towards me.
  “That’s him!” “Get him!”
 I then turned over in the safety of my bed at home and I woke from this very strange, almost familiar dream.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved
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8 thoughts on “WRITING 101 ~ DAY FOUR ~ 10th SEPTEMBER 2015

  1. Very clever piece of writing. It is very layered with so many excellent references that keep bringing me the photo but have again a quite philosophical approach and would I be right in saying a certain amount of political commentary?. I know I am going to read this several times because I get a little deeper into each time. Again your writing is making my brain tick over and really think about your content.

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