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My choice of comment that I would like to expand on is a comment
that I posted in response to this post by Kathie Gregory on Writing 101 ~ Day Three “One-word Inspiration”

This is my original comment …….

“A very inspiring piece of writing Kathie ~ I am very impressed by the way you drew some inspiration from all the prompts ~ Thanks for the food for thought.”

This was Kathies response.

Hi John,
“Thanks very much for your comments, I really enjoyed writing this. Best wishes kathie”


  Kathie my very first impression when I had read this was admiration for the clarity of your writing and the clever way you have managed to incorporate all the given words into your response. Loving your job is a beautiful way to use the word love and infers so much more than you actually put into the words you have written. I sense a very deep love of animals and a deep respect for the owners and people you come into contact with through your work.
I am also very impressed with the way you describe your home as a sanctuary, a place of safety and security where above all else you can close the door and be yourself.
Then uncertainty appears, certainly in your plans to complete another book. You list a very comprehensive list of negativities and reasons why you will feel safer in your “comfort zone,” and I sense a lot of uncertainty and concern about the decision to publish again and expose your thoughts to the world at large.
Reading between your lines, especially the strength you reveal in the last two sentences, I feel you have already overcome these glitches in your ongoing development. I really do admire your last sentence enormously!
With my sincere best wishes for your success with your first love, obviously your love and intuitive skills with animals and my admiration for your obvious writing skills.
I can only finish with a thank-you for an insight into your thoughts.
I certainly will order a copy of your book.
Best wishes John.

A Tale of Two Horses

I have had a lot of trouble trying to get the hang of using the methods of seamless linking as outlined in the prompt post. I have used the tried and tested method, I use all the time of copying and pasting the link into the body of my post. I will have to find the time to study this and practice the

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