Writing 101
Experimenting with word count?

In today’s post, pay attention to the total length of your post: if you usually write posts under 500 words, aim for longer. If you tend to write a lot, be succinct.


Image © John and Margaret

Today I aimed for a post exactly 750 Words long, not including the title and credits


by John Yeo

The waves of nausea were flooding through every pore of his skin. Every pain-filled nerve was screaming with shock as he came round. Uppermost in his memory was the horror of the approaching car on the wrong side of the road.

A deafening explosion of sound resounded as the two vehicles collided, then nothing, until now, as he became aware of this excruciating pain.
Yet he knew there had been something, as the aftershock cut into his consciousness, he had been aware of a presence, somehow not a physical entity in the accepted or known sense. Just a calm reassuring presence that seemed to envelop his whole being from every point of his awareness.

He wanted to scream out loud but his voice failed him as the only sound was a silent scream of shrill magnitude. A scream of helpless terror inaudible to all but the higher sensory perception of animals that hunted for food in the dead of night. He could feel a wet fluid dripping from somewhere on the side of his head, somehow he was aware of his life-blood seeping away Desperately he tried to move as the pain ripped through him at a very intense level, then nothing, as unconsciousness flooded through him again.

The feeling of another presence returned, but this time a female voice
whispered, “lie still.”
He tried desperately to voice a response through the waves of pain, overwhelming pain, viciously tearing him apart.
‘Am I alive or dead?’ He wondered to himself.
“Lie still please, we will take you on a journey!”
Then everything was black again, as he seemed to be transported through several layers of heavy blackness that disguised the fact that the terrible pain had disappeared, he was now pain-free.

He opened his eyes and blinked as glaring bright lights dazzled him, he became aware of a strong antiseptic smell and with a deep feeling of fright, suddenly unaware of everything again. Then there was a warm friendly voice calling. “Hallo! You have come back welcome to the world again!”
“Hallo,” he murmured as a weary tiredness drowned him once again.
Waves of sleep overcame him and the very deep blackness seemed to enclose him like a velvet glove. Next he felt a jolt of pain as he was wrenched into consciousness, he became aware of the bright lights and many voices with machines bleeping and uniformed hospital personnel surrounding his bed.
The variety of sensations that he experienced were frightening to his inner feelings as he felt tubes and drips in many places on his body. The bleeping of the life preserving machines, with the sound of telephones ringing in the background were beyond his experience.

“Hallo! What is your name? Where are you from? How do you feel? What do you remember? “
The questions came thick and fast, and however much he tried to answer just a mirror reply to the greeting came to the surface.
“Hello!” He mimicked the tone and timbre of the voice, that greeted him.
He heard the words without any understanding as an authoritative voice, interjected softly with the words, “brain damage.”

He kept slipping in and out of consciousness over the next twenty-four hours as he was subjected to a battery of tests, X-rays, blood tests and finally a brain scan.

This brain scan revealed extensive damage to the right hemisphere of his brain. Although he struggled hard he had no recollection whatsoever of who he was prior to the accident or any recognition of his friends or family who he rejected on sight. A very famous neurologist was handling his case aided by a highly respected psychologist.
It was not long before the stunned medical team drew some astonishing conclusions, although he was still physically very weak, his brain power became incredibly strong and he was soon operating at a very high intellectual level. The damaged area of his brain was actually restoring itself and the results were soon apparent in his far superior brain functions.

Some time later he was judged fit and competent to take care of himself and he was discharged into the community, with the given name of Michael Palmer.
Michael after a few months of treatment had become fluent in English and seven languages and revealed himself to be a genius in mathematics and science. The medical establishment were astounded! How had he accumulated such a wealth of knowledge in such a short period of time?

Michael’s high intelligence became famous throughout the scientific world.

( POST ~ 750 WORDS)

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

Writing 101



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