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Writing 101 ~ Day Nineteen ~ Feature a guest

Day 19: Feature a guest

As mentioned on Day 11, today is the day to publish your collaboration post! Ideally, you reached out to a candidate and gathered what you needed. Today, publish this post, and don’t forget to link back to your collaborator’s site.

KATHIE GREGORY ~ http://ataleoftwohorses.com/about/

JOHN YEO ~ https://johnly1607may05.wordpress.com/about/


Image © Copyright John and Margaret



  He wakes. It’s another beautiful day, judging by the sun streaming through the window. The world is waiting for him, and he is ready to take it on. Live life to the full and seize every opportunity. That’s his motto, and one he intends to fulfil. Today will bring change, a new path to walk. He can feel it. Getting out of bed, he dresses and wanders into the kitchen for breakfast.

  Walking into the building, he can barely contain his excitement. This is the life he was meant for, his purpose. But he’s not there yet. He has to convince them that he is the one for the job. He has the strength, courage and determination to reach this almost unattainable goal. Will they agree? He will convince them. He has time to prove himself, as long as they give him a chance. This is why he sits here today, in front of them, for this chance to make something of himself. His whole life is in front of him, and he is ready to take it on. As he exits the room, he breathes a sigh of relief, closely followed by the biggest grin he has ever given. The receptionist smiles back at him. What a handsome young man, she thinks to herself. I wonder what he will make of his life.

  I am sure I made the right impression and said the right things. If I had wings I would fly, that receptionist is very pretty, I am sure I made a good impression there. I know I am the person who will turn this business round, I wonder will they accept my new ideas? I have a unique way of looking at a problem or a situation from all angles and I am not going to allow myself to be defeated, as an ex-soldier that is alien to my thinking. When I have made the improvements I have in mind, this organisation will expand out of this sector to rule the electronics industry. I could be a wealthy man in a few years time.

  I think coffee is called for now. Is that Willie Harris over there? I will avoid him and not make any eye-contact, I hope he never saw me sitting in the corner here! Wow! What am I going to do with all the money I will be making? I have always dreamed of travelling the world, perhaps on a cruise ship. No! I think I would like to just see the other side of life, new horizons, new cultures to enjoy and experience in a new way.

  I think I will have to have the courage to come to grips with the situation at home, I am sad to say that the mess we are in was due to my military travelling, and I am sure I came across as a different person when I returned. Never mind when I break the news of my new employment dimension, and the new standard of living we will enjoy, all should be well.

  ‘I’m home’, I shout. Alice rushes up to me. ‘You’ve been gone so long Daddy’, she says. ‘You’re right sweetheart, but what does Daddy always say?’ ‘That you’ll always come back’, Alice replies. ‘I’m glad you’re home, how was your day?’ says my wife Kim, looking a little apprehensive. Try as I might, I can’t keep the smile off my face, or the news to myself a moment longer. ‘They went for it’, I say, whooping for joy, as I pick Alice up and twirl her around. She giggles. ‘You got the job’, Kim exclaims. ‘Yes, they loved my ideas’, I reply, putting Alice down and embracing my wife. ‘I start next week.’

  Finally, we can put the past behind us, forget the difficult times we’ve been through and look forward to a happy, secure future. Kim has gone through a lot. God knows, it’s not been easy for me, either. The conflict between my wife and the demands of the job. Plans changing at the last minute as an urgent mission gets under-way. The danger. The excitement. I love this life, it’s more than a job, but I can’t do it forever. I’m not getting any younger, and it’s taken it’s toll on our marriage. Life outside the Army will be different. Is different. Already I’m not so tightly wound, ready to respond. Life has a new rhythm, one I’m starting to enjoy.

  My mind is racing with plans and ideas. Getting this company out of trouble and turning it into the most successful electronics company the world has ever seen is going to be such a challenge. But, they were all behind me, on board. The receptionist, Emma, I think, said it was time for change, new ideas, a different perspective. I think I’m going to like it there.

  ‘Shall we take this one out to celebrate?’ I ask, looking fondly at my daughter. ‘Yes’, says Kim, ‘Alice, do you want to go out for pizza, we’re celebrating Daddy’s new job.’ ‘Yesss please’ shouts Alice joyously. The sensations of pure joyful love for my family flood throughout my being. Kim and little Alice are so very happy at my successful new job appointment, all the family strains of the past have vanished.

    ‘This Pizza house is just a short walk from my new office. I suspect I will be too busy to even think of coming here again.’ Kim shakes her head as I say this, I am sure she is about to make a wise retort. I quickly change the swing of the conversation.           ‘What are you having Alice? You really can have what you like now. Order something special.’ 

  ‘Ooh, Daddy can I have Pepperoni with extra cheese and mushrooms, please?’ I give Alice a huge hug after our meal.

  Kim laughingly asks, ‘Won’t you miss your friends and the excitement of being involved in the military now you will be confined to a desk job in an office?’ I hesitate before I respond as the blank black cloud that is obscuring the last days before I arrived home, descends again.  

   ‘Kim darling, I can never remember feeling so relaxed and happily contented since the early days of our marriage. I feel as if a cloud has been lifted from my consciousness and all the stresses and strains of my past adrenalin filled existence have been relegated to obscurity. I am sure the challenge of my new job will fill the gaps.’

    Kim nods and replies, ‘I will always be with you in all you do and your presence will be a continual strength to Alice and me always.’

   ‘I am ready to face the new depth in the dimension of another challenge, Kim. Nothing can stand in the way now.’ The sunlight has faded, the room is bathed in shadows and silence.

Copyright © Written by Kathy Gregory and John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Image © Copyright John and Margaret

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