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Writing 101 ~ Day Twenty ~ The Future

Writing 101 ~ Day 20 Assignment: The Future


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 by John Yeo

The Writing 101 challenge has run its course,
I started the journey and persevered.
Following the prompts with interest.
Creating and learning, to reinforce
My blogging skills and improve my writing.
Each section a challenge in itself.


Twenty posts, each one unique,
A different aspect to the Blogging process.
Yes I did enjoy the journey.
I will come away with a method of working.
My thanks to the designers who set the prompts
To stretch my skill and my imagination.


I have enjoyed reading people’s work
There are some very talented writers out there
I liked the comments and feedback.
Some I enjoyed reading with gratitude
Enough to respond with admiration.
I have made a few friendships on the way.


Some I am sure will persevere strongly
Communicating and collaborating
Likeminded people who scribble each day
Blogging their thoughts to the world.
Valuing the feedback and inspiration
Becoming skilful writers along the way.


The here and now has sown the seeds
That will grow and flourish in the future.
For the many people around the world
Who struggle to find the words to inspire
The many children who need just a spark
To set their imagination on fire.


Yes I did enjoy completing the journey,
Meeting and responding and taking part.
Writing 101 has opened the doors
To the imagination of would be writers.
People who struggle with determination.
Sharing their thought around the world.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

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