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Image © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

Once upon a rainy day,
I stumbled through the double doors
When umbrellas were in short supply.
Coat collar turned up against the wind.
The rain still managed to blind my eyes
Once upon a raindrop, shaken on the mat.


One of a million combinations of words.
That chose to blind my eyes,
I blinked at the illustrious company
Featured in the bright array.


Then my imagination got underway
I heard the scream, my inner ears working,
I sensed a crash as the body fell.
The temperature was mild but bright
when the shot rang out with a silent bang.


Once upon a rainy day,
The deafening sirens, silently sounded
I had mentally disposed of the gun.
I was unable to see where I put it.
Perhaps it was in the mystery section.


I stumbled into politics religion and science
I came across a very learned conversation
Clearly and cleverly argued, between,
A scientist, a priest and a statesman
To confound my mind and obscure my vision.


The magical day was here at last
As a lady smiled, holding a parasol.
I had searched through the travel section
To no avail. Cruising to exotic climes,
Sailing along on a warm wet breeze.


Once upon a rainy day.

Sheltering in the library.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


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