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Image from Emilia’s Blog on WordPress.


By John Yeo

Supposing mind communication took over from speech 

Minds could communicate with minds remotely.
Vast distances would shrink at once.
There would be no secrets anywhere.
All information would be open minded
And available by scanning.
There would be no secrets at all.
The thinkers would be open to plagiarism,
Stealing an unexpressed thought instantly.
Before the idea was fully formed.
How can you copyright pre-thoughts.


Sleeping rough under a surveillance camera
Would actually be preferable than in the dark.
Defenceless and open to abusive behaviour
The watchers would always be around to watch.
Turn off the mikes, close down the cameras
Throw the iPone in the bin.
What would be visible to a drone
If you stuck your head in the sand.


They tell me there is a wiretap
Inserted in every head at birth
Thought control is possible now,
Wherever you are living on Earth.
I have a friend who lives in a shell,
He crawls along very, slowly
It is impossible to read his thoughts
Unless you are also mindless.


They are very dangerous entities
Nameless to all in the vicinity
They are always addressed that way?
If We are We, then They are They!

Aren’t They?
They ignore the remote control
And tune in by ultra violet light
Communication by colours is beneath
The mind who controls the establishment.


I called you on my iPhone today,
Ten listeners relayed the news
To ten different estate agents.
I am looking for another house.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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