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Image from the net


by John Yeo

The flags were splendidly carried by veterans 

Followed by Scouts and Cubs in procession.

With the priest and the choir leading the way

Singing a stirring hymn for Remembrance day.

The congregation attired in black and red, 

Submerged in symbols of grief and remembrance.


Red Poppies and pride worn in a sad display.

As the service began with the mourners standing 

For two minutes silence to remember the fallen.

A list of names of local heroes was read, 

 A stirring rendition of the Last Post sounded

As we gathered together to remember our dead. 


Then after our remembrance service was over

We made our way to lay red poppy wreaths ,

At the cenotaph in a memorial statement.

A bugler sounded the Last Post once again 

Submerged in grief, the  village had assembled 

For the annual service of loving remembrance.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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