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Couple on the farm

Image from the net


by John Yeo

There was a piercing scream from the kitchen
“Something came in the back door!”
She screamed again, louder as a long thin tail
Appeared to stop and rest against the door.
Beady eyes watched her in a menacing stare
A pointed head with laid back ears, a black rat
Started gnawing a crust of bread on the floor.


Tom rushed to her aid with a loaded gun,
“What is it?” What is frightening you?”
Then he raised the gun and shot very fast,
Once, twice as the fearsome rat withdrew.
Another shot missed the target.
The terrified creature escaped in the night
Until the next time, when there were two.


King Rat arrived home empty handed
The kittens would have to go hungry today.
“We will forage together tomorrow,
I ran away fast, they scared me away.
I was very scared, but I sensed their fear.
They are both very frightened of us.
We must fight and find food, while we may.”


The rats were on the hunt in a pack,
They arrived at the house in the night.
There was some very sweet smelling food
Outside the bolted back door in clear sight.
They loaded and carried it home to the nest
Where the family feasted on poisoned gifts
There has to be a winner in every fight.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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