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Image © Copyright John and Margaret

For today’s prompt, write a memory poem. This is one of my favorite poem starters, not only because it’s a great way to mine for material–by looking at memories–but it can also be a great way to remember things previously forgotten. I’ve found that just taking a few moments to remember one thing lead to remembering something else and so on.

Of course, the memories in your memory poem don’t have to be yours, and they don’t even have to be true. So however you come at this, I hope it leads to a memorable poem.


by John Yeo

You say you will never return here
Whatever led you to believe that?
Do you realise that is impossible,
If death ends all, how could it be?
Your essence will always be here.
A faint trace of being, never leaves
Once your soul is set physically free.
There is no return to somewhere.
That you will never actually leave.


Your essence is always integrated
In everything you ever achieved.
Many strands of your life entwined
With the overall essence of others
Your life touched many other lives
In many interesting amalgamation
Of patterns and mutual integration.
Impressions of unseen variation
Memories of your previous incarnation.

New memories replacing the old
In a continual flow of life in motion.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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