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Image from the net NiceGallerry.com


For today’s prompt, write an ekphrastic poem. An ekphrastic poem is a poem inspired by art, usually, though not always, images.


by John Yeo

Wandering around the stately house
My mind transfixed and in a haze.
Overwhelmed by the beautiful objects
Collected and cherished in a bygone age.

Furniture, bone china, works of fine art,
Beautiful portraits of the family line.
Mesmerising artefacts, fabulous finery.
When a painting shocks and stuns my mind.

A portrait of a magnificent creature in pain
Of a stag brought down by a pack of hounds.
Vicious cruelty inflicted by sharp ruthless teeth
Tearing the flesh from the stag on the ground.

A shocking display of utter pain and fear
Mirrored in the features of the helpless victim.
Brought sharply to life by the artists brush
A treasured remembrance of a harsh regime.

A startling contrast to the finery and good taste
Bringing a sense of reality to times long past.
Glorification and gentrification of blood sport
Depicted most beautifully in a fine work of art.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved 

Black butterfly

Image from the net

The morning started in the usual way for me, I got up at about 5am and I was working on the computer. Little did I have any clue to the horror that had unfolded overnight. I took a break from my writing blogs and visited my Facebook page, where I was confronted with some odd unusual comments, mentioning Paris in France.
Now Paris is my favourite city, apart from London, of course, particularly as Margaret and I spent a second honeymoon in Paris in the springtime. Intrigued I searched the net and a horrific scenario unfolded, as I took in the news of a series of terrorist attacks in this wonderful dynamic peaceful multiracial city.
Gunmen went on the rampage in several venues, indiscriminately firing on innocent people, out for the evening enjoying themselves. I could actually almost feel the pain as the news was arriving. Several people were shot inside and outside restaurants, by gunmen on motorcycles who rode by Spraying the diners with bullets fired from Kalashnikov rifles. Then there were three explosions outside a football ground as three suicide bombers blew themselves up, taking the lives of many people nearby. By far the largest number of lives were lost in a theatre, where many people had gone out to enjoy an evening, listening to rock music. The gunmen just sprayed the audience with bullets, killing over eighty people, before blowing themselves up with suicide bombs. Over eighty people lost their lives, with very many more wounded and some severely injured.
The overall death toll was over 120 and rising as there were also over 300 people injured, with at least another 100 severely injured.
I posted a picture of a black butterfly with some sympathetic words of sorrow at the enormity of this crime and slaughter of the innocents.
I sincerely feel very sympathetic to the friends and families of these people who were so savagely cut down as they were enjoying an evening out.
A very personal side to this, is the indiscriminate way these people were just gunned down and killed, there was no special target, just random killing. This could easily have been Margaret and I, out for an evening on our honeymoon holiday, exposed to a terrorist attack, just because we happened to be in France.


FORGET-ME-NOTS ~ Image © Copyright John and Margaret


By far the most prophetic strange thing, about these attacks, was this piece of writing, I wrote and posted on 9th October 2015, over a month ago. Very eerily prophetic indeed.

by John Yeo

Breathlessly and excitedly I arrived home clutching the white envelope as tightly as possible.
“Margaret! I got the tickets. I had to wait in a mile long queue for about an hour! We are going to see them live on stage. A first night performance of the musical evening, featuring the talents of our favourite, Andre Rieu.”
“Oh! Fantastic! That is brilliant, Well done John! I have nothing to wear. We will have to go shopping this morning, I will need a very special outfit for this. Thank you so much darling.”
“I have ordered our car for 5pm, that will give us time for a cocktail before the performance begins.”
A few hours later, dressed in our finery we arrive at the concert hall and take our seats and indulge in the unique spectacle and colourful backdrop with the sound of a superb musical extravaganza.
Suddenly there is a huge explosion followed by a stunned silence, before the screams of the injured and the dying ring out. Then sirens and a hubbub of chaos.

(175 Words)

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.
Written in response to a prompt by Priceless Joy on WordPress, 9th October 2015


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