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Image from the net. nicegallery.com


by John Yeo

Wandering around the stately house
My mind transfixed and in a haze.
Overwhelmed by the beautiful objects
Collected and cherished in a bygone age.


Furniture, bone china, works of fine art,
Beautiful portraits of the family line.
Mesmerising artefacts, fabulous finery.
When a painting shocks and stuns my mind.


A portrait of a magnificent creature in pain
Of a stag brought down by a pack of hounds.
Vicious cruelty inflicted by sharp ruthless teeth
Tearing the flesh from the stag on the ground.


A shocking display of utter pain and fear
Mirrored in the features of the helpless victim,
Brought sharply to life by the artists brush.
A treasured remembrance of a harsh regime.


A startling contrast to the finery and good taste
Bringing a sense of reality to times long past.
Glorification and gentrification of blood sport
Depicted most beautifully in a fine work of art.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


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