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Image from the net


by John Yeo

“Throw another log on the fire, It gets colder
by the second as the night draws in.”
Said the watchman.

He went on.
“I sit to keep warm, and as I gaze at the flames,
The same face looks back, watching and waiting.”

“Watching and waiting for what?” I ask drowsily.
A crack resounds, and a fiery spark leaps out.

“Revenge! A lady searches from burning in hell,
Searching for her opportunity to draw me in.”

“Why?” I ask, as the flames menacingly flare up.

The watchman, looks sad. “We loved once.
I was haunted by her beauty before she died,
Sadly I left to fight in wars far from home,
I fell in love with another, and wed far away.”

As the watchman spoke, a face in the flames,
Seemed to be mocking, laughing,
Sadly watching and waiting.

“She went off the rails without a prayer,
She died alone.
Vowing on her deathbed to take her revenge.
Now she waits and haunts me everywhere.”


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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