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Image © John and Margaret

For today’s prompt, write an idea poem. Do all poems begin with an idea? I don’t know. Some of mine begin with an image or a sound, and the meaning emerges later (if at all). For this prompt though, have an idea, an epiphany, a giant light bulb hovering over your head.


by John Yeo

I have no idea how to start this poem
If I blindly begin without thinking
My creative flow will become a river
A flood of ideas and vibrant imagination.
I first need to find an objective idea
To build on and begin to compose
A poem that starts without any idea
Of how the poetry will come to a close.


Take a river that has been dammed
The river becomes an objective idea
A starting point for a poem to begin
A dam becomes a diversion of flow
The flow is guided to a reservoir
Where ideas can be filtered to use.
I have many ideas to build from now
If I just unblock the dam and choose.


The river leads to a beautiful lake,
With waterfowl and flowery banks
A trout leaps out of the water
Jumping to capture an unwary fly.
Water lilies float in a dazzling pink
Stately swans with cygnets float by
The splendid trees and arbours.
Spark the dreamy creative poetic mind.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



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