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Image © Copyright John and Margaret

For today’s prompt, write a thing poem. The poem can be explicitly about an item (I once published a poem about the anatomy of a pencil), or the poem can just involve a thing or two. You decide; it’s your poem thing anyway.


by John Yeo

Nothing matters, said the unbeliever
The thing is we are here not there,
No-thing is an entity that ought to matter
The entity is not a thing composed of matter.

The thing is an amorphous substance.
Is any-thing a thing that is nothing?
Or is no-thing a substantial entity
That is worthy of becoming any-thing?

The thing is a matter of importance.
A thing of substance worthy of some-thing.
Some-thing or no-thing or any-thing,
The only thing that is a real question is…..
Does any-thing really matter?

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



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