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Image © John and Margaret

For today’s prompt, write a strange poem. What is strange to one person may be completely normal to another and vice versa. So get strange, which may be normal, or be normal, which may be strange.


by John Yeo

A very good friend is fascinated by personal art.
Depictions that tell a story in picturesque fashion.
Her personal gallery started with a broken heart
A heart split asunder, in stunning decoration.
A permanent tattooed remembrance.


This was followed by two more pretty symbols
Of Peace and Love, joined by a coiled snake.
Knives were shown then a collection of animals
A vampire then smiled with a biting heartbreak.
In a complicated pictorial dance.


Her circle of friends watched the gallery grow
With squeals and cries of admiration.
All over her body above the neck and below
The tattoo artist added more decoration.
Her mind was in a pictorial trance.


Every enchanting tattoo is a gradual depiction
Of her need to illustrate her inner condition
Her need for attention becomes an addiction.
Her personal story becomes one of rejection.
A strange story of fate and chance.

Copyright Written by John Yeo All rights reserved.


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