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Image © Copyright John and Margaret


For today’s prompt, write an apology poem. I’m sorry, but I don’t have anything to add to what this type of poem might entail.


by John Yeo

As a member of the human race and a resident, 
I would like to formally apologise to you Earth,
For our treatment of your wonderful habitat.
We have burned you out and abused you badly.


Our numbers have increased beyond control,
More people are struggling to cling to life.
Hunger is forcing deforestation and pollution
Fossil fuel is contributing to global warming.


Sorry for the need for nuclear power stations
Generating long lasting radioactive waste.
As the planet heats we need alternatives fast
To power the lives of the next generation.


Acid rain is killing your tender green growth
As rapid industrialisation takes a terrible toll.
Generating wealth for the world to feed
On the meagre remains of wealthy greed.


Sorry for the wanton, blind sad destruction,
That pollutes your seas and savages the fish.
Sorry for the onward hungry desertification
Spreading rapidly over your once green pastures.


A final apology will formally be made one day
When we have the technology to colonise Space.
We will then move on to many worlds far away.
Abandoning this once blue, beautiful place.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


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