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Luxury Yachts and a Cruise Ship. Image © Copyright John and Margaret

For today’s prompt, write a luxury poem. To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure how I’m coming at this prompt just yet. But luxury can be a good thing for people who experience, though also a bad thing. Plus, luxury often comes at a cost to those who don’t have it. And the dream of it can help some people in dire circumstances.


by John Yeo

“Survival of the fittest will be the way to get through
You will be marooned on an isolated island alone.
Life will be tough, limited supples will be provided,
To see you through until we return in a month.

You will be allowed to choose three luxurious items
To remind you of the life you once lived over here.
These will be additional to your basic supplies
What three luxury items would you like to take with you?”


“I have given the matter considerable thought ,
What would I miss most from my life, over here?
My dear wife would be at the top of the list,
Sadly I am sure she would never join me.

Next I considered a wind-up gramophone
With a selection of soothing classical music
An unlimited supply of pencils and paper,
A luxurious bathtub with expensive potions.

A selection of books to improve my mind.
A luxurious last meal, a veritable feast.
A selection of garden tools with seeds
Paints for art, or a fishing rod would be fine.

I would be very sad to leave my wife behind.
The love and companionship and free-easy style
With her supporting presence and her smile.
Luxury will always begin and end at home.

Staying behind is the ultimate luxury for me.
Let’s call the whole thing off!”

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved 


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