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Image © Copyright John and Margaret

For today’s prompt, write an open letter poem. When I think of open letters, I think of those editorials written in the newspaper or online that take a common problem or a media story and give their solution or take on the matter. Often, they spur more debate than solve problems, but they’re often written with a purpose.


by John Yeo

An open letter to anyone who gets hungry on the move
As you travel through this beautiful land look closely
The motorways and roads slice through Nature’s glory
Woodlands and farmland bordered with pretty verges.

Pastures, small villages with imposing church spires
Speed by as you enjoy your picturesque journey.
Pull into a pretty lay-by then look around closely.
Paper and plastic, carelessly dumped meets the eye.

An unnatural spread of detritus litters the area.
Plastic bags and food wrapping tossed by the wind.
Carelessly strewn by unthinking travellers.
Spoiling and besmirching the area far around.

Continue your journey with new wide open eyes,
Notice the roadside verges as you continue along.
The gradual buildup of slow but sure decline,
Unsightly rubbish discarded, dumped everywhere.

Care and concern is the subject of this open letter,
A plea for the restoration of unsullied nature.
Eat and enjoy your meal on your journey,
Then please, for the love and care of our landscape.

Take your rubbish home!

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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