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Robert Lee-Brewer’s Wednesday Poetry Prompt

For today’s prompt, write a poem consisting of 10 lines or fewer. I’ve had poets tell me they have trouble getting under 32-line length requirements. But it can be done. Heck, I wrote three poems with 10 lines. Remember: The first draft can be as long as you wish, but then, pare it down to the essentials–if only for this week. 

Helleborus shrub


Image © Copyright John and Margaret

Spring returns to the Garden

by John Yeo

Almost overnight, the scene subtlety altered.

Green branches dappled with swollen buds,

Petals tightly bound ready to burst outward,

So minutely powerful even the songbirds

Were overpowered in sheer glorious delight.


The morning dawned to a fragrant change,

A seasonal sun bathed in a warm floral light.

The sweet smelling blooms in a pastel range

Lit up the earthly garden, a wonderful sight,

Heralding the return of sweet fertile Spring.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~All rights reserved.


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