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Write about a loss something (or someone) that was part of your life and isn’t any more. Today’s twist: Make today’s post the first in a three-post series.

Images © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

~Part One 


  The forest stretched for miles, a sea of pine trees with thick undergrowth, containing a large variety of wildlife. My wife and I would ramble for hours,  enjoying the sensation of the natural world.  Birds fluttering and calling in the tree tops, with squirrels scrambling up tree trunks in their haste to get away. Many times we have been caught in a shower or a storm and against the universal advice, took shelter under a tree. The woodland flowers bloomed in profusion during their season. We enjoyed wandering through stretches of ferns in the forest leaving a trail. One day we spotted a faun, shyly strolling along a woodland path through the trees, we  followed this beautiful little animal  a long way into the depths of the forest.

   Suddenly we realised we were lost, hopelessly, totally lost. We pressed on hoping to find an inhabited property where we could get some directions back to where we had started our ramble. We came upon a clearing with a pretty little cottage and knocked hard to alert the inhabitants of our arrival. There was no response to our urgent knocking and we entered the front door to explore. Inside we found a large amount of blood, all over the kitchen, some dried up and to our dismay, what looked like a puddle of fresh blood. We assumed that an animal had been slaughtered and put the whole thing out of our minds. We then went through into the back yard, where we found freshly disturbed earth with mounds of dirt piled every where.

    My wife, Margaret nervously remarked. “They look like a series of graves.”

  We were startled by a noise as a large animal or a man was heard crashing and running through the forest, towards the cottage.   ~~~~

(To be continued)

Copyright © Written by John Yeo


4 thoughts on “LOST AND FOUND ~ (1)

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  2. Descriptive and beautiful writing…one believes there is such innocence and freedom to explore until the cottage and the graves…strikes apprehension and a bit of real fear…what have they stumbled upon?
    The playful romp through the woods becomes a mystery…

    Liked by 1 person

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