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Images © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

~ Part Three


  The approaching noises  got closer. We were unsure whether they were made by man or beast. I said. “Margaret, we won’t run, we’ll hide in the woods and see who comes along the trail.”

   We waited tensely, listening to the noisy approach close behind us. Suddenly there was a break in the trees and a tall man, wearing tweed clothes and a deerstalker hat appeared in the clearing. “Hallo!” He shouted.

 I stepped out into the clearing, shaking off, Margaret’s attempt to hold on to me to keep me under cover. The man said,  “I’m glad I caught up with you, I have been following you since you left my cottage. I found this brooch on the floor, it looks as if it might have value”. It was a brooch in the shape of a peacock, belonging to Margaret. A sentimental brooch, I purchased as a souvenir on our travels a few years ago. Margaret was thrilled to get it back, it meant a lot to her.

  The man introduced himself as Gerald Mellors, and said he was the gamekeeper here on this estate and forest, which stretched for five miles in every direction from his cottage. I asked him, with some trepidation, about the fresh blood we had noticed at the cottage. He replied he butchered deer for the estate owners and buried the remains of the carcases in the yard. I laughed at that, we did not let on about our suspicious fears.

  We then explained that we were hopelessly lost. Our new friend said not to worry, he would give us directions to follow to get us safely home.

  I informed him about our find of the very rare, very valuable orchids. Mr Mellors was amazed, and said he would inform his employers, who were very kindly, and would certainly want to reward us for our honesty, and for our recognition of these precious flowers.

   We started out on this journey by losing ourselves, we then found a very rare group of orchids. Margaret lost a brooch, with a high sentimental value, and we found a new friend in Gerald Mellors, the gamekeeper, who helped us find our way home.

  We had lost ourselves in the depths of the forest. Often when you face your fears, you find answers where you least expect to find them.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo~All rights reserved


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