Image © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

      Suddenly the ice that has developed over many months is showing signs of thawing. The cold seemed interminable and the atmosphere froze water solid. Jagged edges would appear if any attempt was made to facilitate penetration. When the long period of the freeze began to take effect, countermeasures were started, but the early follow through, failed to stem the systems of ice forming. What is the answer to the continual frozen silence that seems to make the atmosphere darker than ever.

     Trying to conserve the tiny measures of heat that are available is not easy. The blood runs warm in spite of the cold atmosphere that seems to permeate to the soul. There is no rapid answer to the situation once the freeze has taken hold and in spite of everything, everyone feels the chill to a a degree. The stubborn cold refuses to show any signs of a thaw, and the effects of an excessively frozen atmosphere lead to stressful situations for all.

    At the centre of the ice web of linking frozen icicles is the helpless victim of a state of mind, that seems to banish the accepted patterns of thinking and feeling that normally stabilise the formation of adverse weather conditions. There seems to be a lack of warmth and affect to generate the antidote to the stormy conditions that will invariably lead to the formation of ice.

   There are factors that have been encouraged to become dependant on the ice formation at the centre of the ever expanding ice sheet. This collateral effect can be extraordinarily damaging and virulent to the conditions involved. There is a general outward spread of degenerating icy conditions that is almost impossible to contain.

  The total lack of genuine warmth that is normally expected from ordinary weather systems is sadly missing. There is no sense of feeling the need to embrace the natural raising of temperature that has been lost and a continual permanent freeze has irrevocably developed.



Image © Copyright John and Margaret


         The abrasive edges of the ice sheets often collide and cause explosive splits in an otherwise serene environment. All effects of this unreal, yet very real, state of affairs are due to the permanent ice formation, and the withdrawal of warmth from the general icy atmosphere.

    Storm clouds are frequent and do little to aid the commencement or maintenance of the long awaited thaw in relations between the various aspects of the ice age that is now underway.

   Many temperature variations go almost unnoticed in the storm conditions that continually prevail. The underlying atmosphere generated by the outward conditions, needs very careful attention and quiet handling to enable the outward storm condition to settle down without damage to the entity.

    Life must be allowed to flow and adapt, in tune to the prevailing conditions that are freezing the normal controls of the outward situation, allowing the usual system of checks and balances to be satisfactorily restored if that is possible.

   The ice has become so well entrenched now the situation looks as if it has gone beyond the outward bounds of normal reconciliation.

   There are many close factors involved in the overall situation that are more responsible to aid the attempt at any form of a thaw.  

  The triangle is headed by the subject, the major power that originally generated the storm. There are two subsets of this power that continue to be involved in the ice age that has set in since the storm broke out. One of these subsets is very tricky to control and is more vulnerable than the other, however there is a major part of this subset that should be exerting some authority and instituting some form of survival measures into the equation.

    The other subset is linked to both of these storm effects and also has the means to alleviate some of the barometric influences.

    A tangled web of weather systems that are so frozen away from the major power that the thaw to the continual ice age becomes too impossible to contemplate rationally.

    A major part of this eternal freeze is at least one step away from the centre of the storm and powerless to control the sharp frictions generated by the ice edges continually rubbing up against each other.

    The only possible way to approach the formation of a solution, is to sit and watch the developing ice take its long term toll, and wait for the prevailing conditions to rectify this unwarranted and unplanned ice age.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Image © Copyright John and Margaret





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