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MUSING ~ 16th APRIL 2016

  I have taken to sorting out my old photographs and selecting some of the interesting ones then posting them on my social media pages with an amusing or thoughtful aphorism.
 This has been a brilliant trip down memory lane and I have still got a very long way to go before I get to the last photograph, I am beginning to get totally hooked on this.

Golf course Hill

Golf course Hill

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

   On the 12th of April I posted an interesting colourful picture of the hill on the golf course, opposite the allotments with these words. ~~
“Spring a season of subdued colour, captured in layers ascending a hill~Cow Parsley, Hawthorn~Gorse~Pine trees~Grass.”


“Daffodils and Bluebells”

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

 On the 13th April I posted a picture from a cruise holiday of a few daffodils in bloom in front of a pine forest, with these words ~~
  “Daffodils formed a gateway to the shade of the trees in the Bluebell Woods. Everything has a season a peak of being.”
There was a little poetic license involved here as the picture was taken in Norway on the borders of Russia. 


The Waterfall

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

   On 15th April I posted two photographs.
The first was of a harsh sheer rocky cliff with a waterfall gushing over the rocks, with these words~~
“Goats were here~The only thing that could penetrate the harsh craggy rock surface was water~Then with a low growl~”
 I intended to introduce a mountain lion or a big cat here, hence the low growl, but nobody picked this up.

Water Mere

Water working

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

   The second picture on the 15th April, was a  fast flowing river, with water that powered a water mill, posted with these words.
 “Forceful water drove a Water-Mill~Fresh bread baked and served with deep fried whitebait, cheese and rough red wine”
  This picture was taken in Croatia, where we visited a country house that actually did bake the bread and cheese, distil their own homemade wine and we actually enjoyed fresh fried white bait.

House on cliffs

House on Cliffs

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

  On 16th April, I posted a further two photographs,
The first was of a house, perched precariously high on the top of a cliff, with access by a twisting winding stone stairway, with these words.
  “An excellent sea view! His heart was healthy from climbing home! Old Ben never knew whether he would make it to bed”
  More authorial license here as I haven’t got a clue who Old Ben is. I have visions of him struggling home after a night out tipsy and breathless. Certainly a story in the making here!

blue bay

Blue Cove

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

 The second picture on the 16th April was of a sheer rocky cliff face, covered with green vegetation, trees and bushes were clinging to the surface. Below this cliff there was a rocky cove, with beautiful blue green water, posted with these words.
“Vegetation grew wildly covering sharp rocks hiding a cave full of imagination~Blue pools on the rocky shore sparkled”
  I invented the cave full of imagination and I can visualise another storyline in the process of birth here as well.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo All rights reserved


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