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THE PEN ~ 3rd June 2016

I started work on the resurrection of an old poem I wrote on the 12th February 2013. I decided to re-work an old poem of mine that brings back memories of days long gone and scenes long past.

This really does bring back some wonderful memories of my boyhood, in a dusty classroom where we breathed in the chalk dust from the blackboard. We soaked up the wonders of life, in the world outside, and generally set our imaginations loose to run wildly free.


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The Germination of Significance from an Insignificant Seed


By John Yeo

 High Adventure, Romance and Crime.


A uniform array of seats and students,

A desk, an inkwell and a blotter,

A dipping pen with a removable nib.

Blotting paper to soak up the blobs

Inky fingers from leaks and smudges,

Nib scratching on an exercise book

Nibs that got crossed from wearing them in

Tailored to the way you held the pen.


Train drivers, Firemen and Cowboys.


Then a competition for all the class,

The prize to win was a modern pen

Blue in colour with a silver nib

With a container made of rubber within

That was filled by a lever with blue black ink.

Write a story, an essay or a poem

Using inspiration and imagination.

I won that pen through determination.


Nature, Gardens and Current Affairs.


I respected that pen for years to come,

My writing improved and my comprehension.

A prize with hidden value beyond measure

That allowed me to convey my inner thought.

To all around it was just a cheap pen,

To me it represented a treasure fairly won,

A gateway to expressing thought on paper

Writing many stories, essays and poems.


Experiences of Life, Love and Growing up.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


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