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I resurrected an early poem of mine to begin to celebrate eleven very happy years of marriage next week on the 16th of July  2016.


Image © John and Margaret



by John Yeo

(Dedicated to Margaret)

I sit at a table with four strangers,

I have decided to learn to play bridge.

The cards are dealt, hand after hand,

Shuffled and dealt, played and counted.

I become aware of a friendly grin,

Bright blue eyes and blond hair.

You have also decided to explore

A game we know little about.

We converse, we arrange to meet.

We soon become very good friends.

We enjoy a whirlwind romance,

We are deeply in love with each other.

We marry with love, we share happy years,

The cards that were dealt have been played.

We have crossed many bridges together,

We won the match for each other.

Sadly we fell out of love with bridge,

We have never played bridge again,

We have both agreed and decided

We would take each other and run.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Image © John and Margaret




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