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This is my entry to the Norwich Micro Fiction competition.

A crime-themed story of not more than 500 words that must be set in Norwich 

Balloon flight over Norfolk

Image from the net


By John Yeo

 Today we have perfect weather for our flight in the hot air balloon, light winds with no rain forecast for the rest of the day. This will be my first flight since I obtained my licence. Marg and I are excited, it will be such fun to sail away on the winds, just the two of us high over Norwich city, then over the Norfolk countryside.

We soon have the balloon inflated and fired-up ready for takeoff. We lift off and climb high above the city. We are overwhelmed with the beautiful panoramic views from the air. The spire of Norwich Cathedral rising, pointing directly to the heavens, with Norwich Castle a square impressive fortress, in the near distance.

“That’s just so magnificent!” Marg exclaims.

 “Yes absolutely stunning, what a difference when the whole city is laid out before your eyes,” I reply.

 “Look that’s the river Wensum below, look at all the wonderful Weeping Willow trees and the gorgeous houses, alongside the river.” Marg excitedly says.

 I decide to try my hand at steering our balloon to follow the river from the city into the fertile countryside outside the city. This manoeuvering is highly dependent on the direction of the winds, we are lucky today, we can clearly see the waterside life, from our vantage point in the sky. Houseboats, motor launches, rowing boats, fishermen, and walkers along the towpath. 

“Oh my God! Look at that! Down there, look!”

  Four men, all dressed in dark clothing, suddenly pull up in a car, and a powerful motorcycle, then begin to attack the occupants of a luxury launch, moored alongside the river. 

“They are unaware we are above the river Marg;  I will film them on the video camera,” I shout. “You call the police on the shortwave radio.”

 I begin to film the attack and watch what happens as two of the assailants drag a hostage to a waiting car on a side road, a few minutes later the riverside is full of police in uniform. We follow the car from our aerial viewpoint to a secluded field, where several caravans are parked. The occupants well-dressed, and well-presented have no idea we have spotted them.

I speedily leave the area to land in another field a short distance away. We race to the river and the scene of the crime.

 I speak to a bystander, “What happened?”

   “Two occupants of the launch have been badly beaten but there’s no evidence of robbery. It is believed a third occupant, a diplomat,  is missing, kidnapped by the assailants.”

“Who are you?” Demands a uniformed police officer bluntly.

“We are the witnesses who called the police to investigate this crime. We have a video recording of the kidnapping. I believe I know where the kidnappers are.”

The police swiftly move in and arrest everyone in and around the caravans, where the diplomat is discovered and safely released.

 Later we are presented with an award and the freedom of Norwich City. 

(498 WORDS)

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved




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