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13th November 2016 ~ Poetry Challenge ~ Day 13

2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 13
By: Robert Lee Brewer ~ November 13, 2016

For today’s prompt, write a poem about something that happens regularly. Could be something that happens daily, weekly, monthly, every full moon. Whatever the rotation, it happens–like writing poems each day of November.


Image © Copyright ~ John and Margaret


by John Yeo

The respected Astrologist cleaned his monocle,
The class were avidly hanging on to his words.
“This event will be glorious, wondrously beautiful
We are about to witness a rare event in the heavens.
A comet is about to make an expected return,
This comet has been travelling for two thousand years.
The spectacle will be stunning and astounding
We will have to record this rare event clearly.
To emphasise the power of heavenly regularity.”


There was a sudden disturbance in the class,
A young man collapsed fainting to the floor.
There was an immediate ripple of concern
As an ambulance arrived with a medic aboard.
Then a careful initial investigation revealed ,
The young man was a suffering diabetic
Who had neglected his regular medication.
Clearly demonstrating with remarkable clarity
The importance of observing earthly regularity.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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