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Prompt response based on the word of the day ~ 16th December 2016

Word for the day ~ HUDDLE


Image courtesy of pixabay.com


By John Yeo


 Tom and Tess were identical twins, always together they stood by each other through thick and thin, whatever came their way. Tom would take care of Tess in every possible way. When school bullies started to bate and try to separate the twins, Tom put his arms around Tess and they went into a huddle to protect themselves from the bullying blows from all sides. Tom and Tess would then usually get rescued by a charitable passerby.

  When the twins took up self-defence lessons, their Mother wanted to know why? Laughingly she said, “ You two were huddling together before you were born; it showed up on the scan.”

  The twins were determined they were going to get their own back on these bullies and after a few self-defence lessons, they were shown how to attack and fight back. The next time they encountered these people on the way home; they went into the usual huddle together. The bullies then responded by attacking the twins; raining blows on the two clinging, huddling twins. Suddenly the twins; like the proverbial worms turned and started fighting back, drawing blood from two of the attackers instantly. The rest ran furiously away defeated; leaving the two ringleaders huddled together in a pool of their own blood.

  Tom and Tess left school and became directors of a group of companies that was christened the “Hard Huddle:”  encompassing many diverse areas of business that were successful by grouping loosely together in a defensive huddle of companies.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


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