Prompt response based on the word of the day ~ 16th December 2016

Word for the day ~ SHEER


Image courtesy of pixabay.com


by John Yeo


“I tell you it’s madness!” said Enrico, the guide. “We must never try to ascend the mountain from the North side, so many people have tried before and failed, it’s sheer lunacy I tell you!” This was said in a voice that was dripping caution and the uncertainty overflowed in a wave.

Tess Boulanger just smiled and replied. “It’s possible, I know some people who have taken the North side and succeeded. We must go up that side to win the bet. I am determined to finish first at the top. We will double your wages at the end of the climb Enrico!”

“Madam I cannot be held responsible for the outcome of such a suggestion. The rock on the North side face is sheer and hazardous. Very few people have come back alive after the attempt. I couldn’t guarantee either of us will survive to tell the tale. If you quadrupled the money I……..”

“Done!”  interjected Tess. “I knew you would come around to me and my viewpoint,

Enrico. We will get there first and rub their noses in the result! Thank you!”

“But Madame…….”

“Enrico! Don’t say any more, we will win!”

Then to Enrico’s amazement Tess tore open a plastic bag and took out a pair of sheer black stockings, slowly rolling one onto one of her long shapely legs she smiled coyly, and said,

  “I am overcome with sheer delight at your decision Enrico; we’ll get it together.”

Enrico blushed and replied. “Yes, Madame  we will do it together.”

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.




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