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Prompt response based on the word of the day ~ 19th December 2016


Word for the day ~ TRIM


Image courtesy of pixabay.com


By John Yeo

    It was just a minor accident on the way to work, a loony lorry driver had nudged Jack  Blenkinsop’s car and damaged the trim, but the incident had left him flustered and he was late for the office. Shortly after he arrived he was busy trimming some correspondence down to size, then he was shaken to hear….


    A loud threatening voice from the inner portals of the General Office; the nerve centre of the dynamic up and coming toy manufacturer and supplier, “Claus Toys,”

  “Blenkinsop; Where are you, man?” The voice had taken on a harsher tone; as if the owner, who happened to be Sir Charles Claus, a self-made millionaire; was rather peeved.

    “Coming Sir!” Responded Jack Blenkinsop, with a sigh of resignation. “I’m on my way!” Pushing open the door to the inner sanctum, he stepped back in surprise. Mary, the delectable Mary, who was a high power PA, and the woman of Jack’s dreams was in the process of trimming  Sir Charles Claus’s handsome white beard and moustache.

    “What’s the matter Blenkinsop? You look shocked, my whiskers needed a good trim. Now look here:  I’ve been informed that orders are dropping and we are over staffed. I have decided that we have to get something done immediately. We will trim the staff to a reasonable level, here is a list of people who have been absent for various reasons over the last six months. Get rid of them!”

   “But, Sir Charles! Think of the time of the year and the difficulties and stress you will be subjecting to some of our most loyal employees.”

     “Don’t but me Blenkinsop; I have made my decision. Now get busy or I will add your name to the list.”

    Jack Blenkinsop left the office and sadly made the necessary arrangements. Amid uproar and despair, the evil trim went ahead and several good employees were discharged.

  One week later Jack was giving his privet hedge a trim at the front of his house when the news came through;  his boss Sir Charles Claus had suffered a stroke and he was in a hospital. Jack was sad and shocked, he was soon in touch with Mary, the delectable Mary; who said arrangements were in place and he would be in charge of things for now.

“I warned him to come with me to the gym to keep fit and in trim!” said Mary.

Jack just nodded wistfully.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


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