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Margaret and I have submitted these two poems, we wrote a couple of years ago for publication in our parish magazine on the theme of Charity Shops.


At the Charity shop window

I stopped and stared.

They were just lying there

So delicate, so pretty.

 Knew I just had to have them.


Two pounds fifty was all it needed

For them to be mine.

 Left the shop with my treasured purchase

Wrapped in a brown paper bag.


Found a seat in the park, sat and opened my wares

Lovingly fingering them.

Wondering who the owner had been.

When had she worn them?

At a Dance, the Ballet, Theatre,

Or even her Wedding?


What did she wear them with?

Did they match her dress or her shoes?

Was she blonde, was she dark?

Was she young, was she old?


Who was her Partner?

Husband, Friend or Lover?

Was he handsome, was he plain?


All I can do is touch them,

Wear them and wonder.

What were my precious wares?

Did I not say?

 An exquisite pair of pale blue silk



Copyright © Written by Margaret Yeo ~ All rights reserved.




Visiting friends in a suburban town,

With time on my hands to shop around.

I was drawn to a window while passing by,

A distinctive character had caught my eye.


With a pointed hat, long hair and a kindly face,

An inviting smile, come and enter this place!

Come and explore every crevice and nook.

 He was holding an open mysterious book.


A book full of magic in every word,

Perched on the cover was a little blue bird.

I entered the shop, imagination to allay,

Shelves full of goods in tantalising display.


A kindly person, behind the counter with style,

A friendly face with a helpful smile.

I enquired about the magical magician,

Or was he a learned alternative physician?


The shop-person smiled, the interesting gent,

Was a model, nothing but a garden ornament.

On sale to benefit the Sue Ryder charity.

I purchased the wizard with this newfound clarity.


I escorted him home, I beg your pardon

He is much too nice to live in the garden.

The wizard lives in our conservatory in essence,

He guards our home and lifestyle in our absence.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Image © Copyright ~ John and Margaret




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