This is a response to a prompt on Robert Lee Brewer’s blog, Poetry Asides,


The prompt No 428  is to write,  “Another (blank),” poem.

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Another (blank),” replace the blank with a new word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.


By John Yeo

I put everything I’ve got into this post

I hope and pray it will go down well.

One man I know likes everything I do

I have to look in the mirror and smile.

Will it, I wonder be polished enough?

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


I have so many friends out there in the air

Sometimes my likes reach double figures.

I know a man who writes blogs for a living,

Bares his soul without a care in the world.

Sadly some people don’t like his views

Punish him, admire his posts then blank him.

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


I put a lot of hard work in a poem once

Carving the words out of past experience.

I polished it, honed it and added some gloss.

Finally, I selected an awesome illustration.

My number one fan said she loved it dearly.

Even commented with a loving heart.

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


I have an old friend who was a talented man,

He accomplished so much in his lifetime.

A painter of note and a wordsmith to boot,

A poet with streams of starmud for thought.

Yet his talent was unrecognised in his lifetime.

I can understand this reluctance to like,

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


Showing thoughtful appreciation and care

One little click could create an illusion.

You know looking back over the years

Before computers burst onto the scene.

Many people had little time to spare,

It was a crazy harsh world we lived in.

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.




Golf course Hill



‘A child’s imaginary friend needs to convince the child he’s real so he doesn’t disappear.’



by John Yeo

   The Murgaltree quietly moved in the wafts of the imaginary breezes in Teresa’s mind. He had been rehearsing an important piece of information in the depths of his voluminous trunk.

     ‘I know I’m unique, talking trees are not accepted by the rootless ones. Teresa’s parents must learn to accept our existence or we are nothing.’

  Teresa broke into his thought stream. ‘How can we go about that? No one will ever believe us.’

  The tree’s branches trembled visibly as he replied. ‘I have no idea, Tess. Perhaps if we can find another sensitive mind, we will be able to convince them.’

  Teresa smiled and suddenly thought, ‘What about my Uncle Peter? I swear he is the same, he has been in and out of hospitals because he hears strange words.’

   ‘We must try Tess! Bring him tomorrow and we will let him in on our secret. We must do something or I will disappear.’

  ‘Are you sure Murgy? What if he doesn’t understand?’

  ‘We must give it a try Tess bring him tomorrow.’

That evening Tess and her Uncle were walking in the large gardens at the back of their house.

    ‘Uncle, do you believe trees could ever talk?’

  ‘Anything is possible Tess, Why do you ask?’

     ‘Will you come to meet someone with me tomorrow please Uncle?’

  ‘Of course Tess! Who will we be meeting?’

   ‘It’s a surprise Uncle!’

 The next day, a brilliant Sun was shining from a blue sky. Birds were singing and flying to and fro in the woods as Teresa led her Uncle Peter to the lake where the Murgaltree was located.

Teresa stopped under the tree and thought loudly,

  ‘Hello, Murgy!’

  ‘Hello Tess!’ replied the tree using the power of thought.

Uncle Peter looked startled but he never said a word.

   ‘Did you hear that Uncle Peter?’

  ‘No Tess! What do you mean? Did I hear what?’

 Teresa looked sad and disappointed.

   ‘What can you hear Tess?’ Asked her Uncle. ‘Please don’t say you hear voices. They will never understand. I know.’

  ‘OK Uncle Peter, I think we should go home now.’

A few days later Tess arrived home,

broken-hearted, in tears.

  ‘Someone has cut down and killed the Murgaltree,’ she wailed.

  Uncle Peter looked away and looking unhappy he said. ‘Perhaps it’s for the best Tess? Talking trees can get people into a lot of trouble. No one seems to take it seriously, I know!’

Tess never recovered from her sadness and she became known as the lady of the woods. Ever hunting and haunting the glades searching for another friend to replace the Murgaltree.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.





Image courtesy of


by John Yeo

It was the first time that Joe had been white water rafting, and he was enjoying it immensely. But as the raft rounded the river bend, they were stunned by what they saw. 

   The broiling, bubbling intensely fast deluge had brought a huge log from below the surface, that lay blocking the way. There was no visible way around this obstacle and the two friends were gobsmacked.

     “Joe lean over towards the bank, we will have to crash first, then physically try to shift that log.” yelled Frank.

           “OK Frank! We are probably too late. Look out!” 

Whack!.. A large bang; then there was a short silence as the raft collided with the log.

Then to their horror, after a fast movement the log suddenly came to life and a huge pair of teeth-lined jaws opened.

‘Oh no! That’s a huge bloody Alligator.’ thought Joe

 The raft was now upside down as the creature dived beneath the surface.

The raft continued down the rapids upside down for a few seconds then suddenly righted itself and the two friends were left looking back at the spot where the Alligator had dived beneath the surface.
 “Wow!” said Frank, “That was a narrow escape, I hope that monster doesn’t come back!”


  “Let’s get out of here Frank!”

 The alcohol flowed freely in their hotel later that day as the two friends related their narrow escape to all and sundry. Pretty soon with the shock and some slight exaggeration, fiction melded the facts and the Alligator became so huge it was impossible for the average sized mind to picture the beast. 

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.






MUSING ~ 16th APRIL 2016

  I have taken to sorting out my old photographs and selecting some of the interesting ones then posting them on my social media pages with an amusing or thoughtful aphorism.
 This has been a brilliant trip down memory lane and I have still got a very long way to go before I get to the last photograph, I am beginning to get totally hooked on this.

Golf course Hill

Golf course Hill

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

   On the 12th of April I posted an interesting colourful picture of the hill on the golf course, opposite the allotments with these words. ~~
“Spring a season of subdued colour, captured in layers ascending a hill~Cow Parsley, Hawthorn~Gorse~Pine trees~Grass.”


“Daffodils and Bluebells”

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

 On the 13th April I posted a picture from a cruise holiday of a few daffodils in bloom in front of a pine forest, with these words ~~
  “Daffodils formed a gateway to the shade of the trees in the Bluebell Woods. Everything has a season a peak of being.”
There was a little poetic license involved here as the picture was taken in Norway on the borders of Russia. 


The Waterfall

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

   On 15th April I posted two photographs.
The first was of a harsh sheer rocky cliff with a waterfall gushing over the rocks, with these words~~
“Goats were here~The only thing that could penetrate the harsh craggy rock surface was water~Then with a low growl~”
 I intended to introduce a mountain lion or a big cat here, hence the low growl, but nobody picked this up.

Water Mere

Water working

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

   The second picture on the 15th April, was a  fast flowing river, with water that powered a water mill, posted with these words.
 “Forceful water drove a Water-Mill~Fresh bread baked and served with deep fried whitebait, cheese and rough red wine”
  This picture was taken in Croatia, where we visited a country house that actually did bake the bread and cheese, distil their own homemade wine and we actually enjoyed fresh fried white bait.

House on cliffs

House on Cliffs

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

  On 16th April, I posted a further two photographs,
The first was of a house, perched precariously high on the top of a cliff, with access by a twisting winding stone stairway, with these words.
  “An excellent sea view! His heart was healthy from climbing home! Old Ben never knew whether he would make it to bed”
  More authorial license here as I haven’t got a clue who Old Ben is. I have visions of him struggling home after a night out tipsy and breathless. Certainly a story in the making here!

blue bay

Blue Cove

Image © Copyright John and Margaret

 The second picture on the 16th April was of a sheer rocky cliff face, covered with green vegetation, trees and bushes were clinging to the surface. Below this cliff there was a rocky cove, with beautiful blue green water, posted with these words.
“Vegetation grew wildly covering sharp rocks hiding a cave full of imagination~Blue pools on the rocky shore sparkled”
  I invented the cave full of imagination and I can visualise another storyline in the process of birth here as well.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo All rights reserved



Image © Copyright John and Margaret


by John Yeo

      Suddenly the ice that has developed over many months is showing signs of thawing. The cold seemed interminable and the atmosphere froze water solid. Jagged edges would appear if any attempt was made to facilitate penetration. When the long period of the freeze began to take effect, countermeasures were started, but the early follow through, failed to stem the systems of ice forming. What is the answer to the continual frozen silence that seems to make the atmosphere darker than ever.

     Trying to conserve the tiny measures of heat that are available is not easy. The blood runs warm in spite of the cold atmosphere that seems to permeate to the soul. There is no rapid answer to the situation once the freeze has taken hold and in spite of everything, everyone feels the chill to a a degree. The stubborn cold refuses to show any signs of a thaw, and the effects of an excessively frozen atmosphere lead to stressful situations for all.

    At the centre of the ice web of linking frozen icicles is the helpless victim of a state of mind, that seems to banish the accepted patterns of thinking and feeling that normally stabilise the formation of adverse weather conditions. There seems to be a lack of warmth and affect to generate the antidote to the stormy conditions that will invariably lead to the formation of ice.

   There are factors that have been encouraged to become dependant on the ice formation at the centre of the ever expanding ice sheet. This collateral effect can be extraordinarily damaging and virulent to the conditions involved. There is a general outward spread of degenerating icy conditions that is almost impossible to contain.

  The total lack of genuine warmth that is normally expected from ordinary weather systems is sadly missing. There is no sense of feeling the need to embrace the natural raising of temperature that has been lost and a continual permanent freeze has irrevocably developed.



Image © Copyright John and Margaret


         The abrasive edges of the ice sheets often collide and cause explosive splits in an otherwise serene environment. All effects of this unreal, yet very real, state of affairs are due to the permanent ice formation, and the withdrawal of warmth from the general icy atmosphere.

    Storm clouds are frequent and do little to aid the commencement or maintenance of the long awaited thaw in relations between the various aspects of the ice age that is now underway.

   Many temperature variations go almost unnoticed in the storm conditions that continually prevail. The underlying atmosphere generated by the outward conditions, needs very careful attention and quiet handling to enable the outward storm condition to settle down without damage to the entity.

    Life must be allowed to flow and adapt, in tune to the prevailing conditions that are freezing the normal controls of the outward situation, allowing the usual system of checks and balances to be satisfactorily restored if that is possible.

   The ice has become so well entrenched now the situation looks as if it has gone beyond the outward bounds of normal reconciliation.

   There are many close factors involved in the overall situation that are more responsible to aid the attempt at any form of a thaw.  

  The triangle is headed by the subject, the major power that originally generated the storm. There are two subsets of this power that continue to be involved in the ice age that has set in since the storm broke out. One of these subsets is very tricky to control and is more vulnerable than the other, however there is a major part of this subset that should be exerting some authority and instituting some form of survival measures into the equation.

    The other subset is linked to both of these storm effects and also has the means to alleviate some of the barometric influences.

    A tangled web of weather systems that are so frozen away from the major power that the thaw to the continual ice age becomes too impossible to contemplate rationally.

    A major part of this eternal freeze is at least one step away from the centre of the storm and powerless to control the sharp frictions generated by the ice edges continually rubbing up against each other.

    The only possible way to approach the formation of a solution, is to sit and watch the developing ice take its long term toll, and wait for the prevailing conditions to rectify this unwarranted and unplanned ice age.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


Image © Copyright John and Margaret