This is a response to a prompt on Robert Lee Brewer’s blog, Poetry Asides,


The prompt No 428  is to write,  “Another (blank),” poem.

For today’s prompt, take the phrase “Another (blank),” replace the blank with a new word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.


By John Yeo

I put everything I’ve got into this post

I hope and pray it will go down well.

One man I know likes everything I do

I have to look in the mirror and smile.

Will it, I wonder be polished enough?

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


I have so many friends out there in the air

Sometimes my likes reach double figures.

I know a man who writes blogs for a living,

Bares his soul without a care in the world.

Sadly some people don’t like his views

Punish him, admire his posts then blank him.

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


I put a lot of hard work in a poem once

Carving the words out of past experience.

I polished it, honed it and added some gloss.

Finally, I selected an awesome illustration.

My number one fan said she loved it dearly.

Even commented with a loving heart.

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


I have an old friend who was a talented man,

He accomplished so much in his lifetime.

A painter of note and a wordsmith to boot,

A poet with streams of starmud for thought.

Yet his talent was unrecognised in his lifetime.

I can understand this reluctance to like,

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


Showing thoughtful appreciation and care

One little click could create an illusion.

You know looking back over the years

Before computers burst onto the scene.

Many people had little time to spare,

It was a crazy harsh world we lived in.

Without Blood, Gore or broken dreams.

These days anything goes it seems.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.





A Penguin, Random House Prompt

The Prompt
‘You run after someone who left a strange book on the bus and they go into a house. through the window you see………’


by John Yeo

   The air conditioning had broken down in the block at midday. Swirls of hot air swished through the office as Stephen was attempting to contact his opposite number in Sydney, Australia. The team had been battling through regardless and tempers were fraying visibly by the second.
Stephen Hobbs, the manager of this successful advertising company, quickly got in touch with the buildings maintenance department.

   ‘Bludgers! What’s going on? How come the air con. is off? We are suffering from overpowering heat up here on the seventh floor.’

   ‘Sorry, Mr. Hobbs we are doing everything in our power to rectify the fault. One of our team is at this moment flying to the manufacturers in the North to purchase an important part. I’m not sure we’ll be able to get it fixed until tomorrow.’
Sam Bludgers, had been the superintendent of these luxury offices for ten years now and he had seen many situations of dire emergency in the past. However, he had never had to inform clients that the building would have to close for a while. There had always been a temporary solution to every unforeseen emergency in the past.

   Stephen Hobbs was close to blowing his mind with worries about the business and the last thing he needed was to lose a day’s work because of the frailty of the buildings infrastructure. Unfortunately, he could see no way out of this situation.

   ‘OK Bludgers, We’ll have to call it a day and close the office. There’s no way we can continue working under these conditions. I will obviously be taking further advice on this loss of income. I realize it’s not your fault.’

  Stephen and Marina, his hardworking personal assistant, made their way to the bus stop and boarded the bus together. Marina Manners had worked with him for about a year now and by sheer coincidence, they found they lived within a couple of bus stops of each other in the city suburbs.
  An elderly lady was seated opposite them on the bus. The lady was conspicuous in her appearance by her huge hooked nose. This large nose was even more noticeable by the large brown mole protruding on her left nostril. Stephen couldn’t help noticing the tuft of tiny black hairs protruding from the centre of this mole. ‘Certainly needs a close encounter with a razor.’ He thought.

   Marina got, off the bus at her stop and waved goodbye to her boss. Stephen smiled as he waved back, he admired this attractive young lady immensely and he planned to promote her to a higher position in the company at the end of the month.

   The elderly lady got off at the next stop.
Stephen was about to settle back, in his seat when he noticed a brown paper carrier bag lying on the seat, obviously left behind by the elderly lady. He grabbed the bag and followed the lady off the bus, she had walked quickly away and he could just see her disappearing around a corner. Stephen shouted as loud as he could to try to attract her attention without any response, and he quickened his pace to try to catch up with her.
‘Damn it, this is going to make me late getting home. Feels like a large book in this carrier bag. I’ll just take a peek. Wow! Look at this gold lettering. I can’t make head or tail of it, seems to be written in a foreign language. I’d better try to catch up with the old dear, this seems to be a valuable book.’ About 100 yards ahead, Stephen watched the elderly lady enter a large detached, tumbledown house. Oddly enough the house had a thatched roof with wooden beams running across the front. This was quite unusual in this sector of the city.
   ‘Phew, thought Stephen, this ancient property must date right back to the reign of Henry the eighth, and the period of the inquisition. I have heard somewhere nearby is the site where countless so-called witches lost their lives.’

   Stephen reached the front door and banged loudly on the door using a quirky door knocker in the shape of the head of a fearsome black cat. There wasn’t a reply even after several loud continuous knocks. The fearsome black cat on the door knocker appeared to be laughing, or was it just his imagination?
Stephen entered the property through an unlocked side gate, overgrown by brambles and nettles. Making his way around to the back of the house he came upon a large grimy window covered on the inside by grubby lace curtains. Stephen peeked through the window and to his horror he saw about six figures all wearing black cloaks with black pointed hats. There were black cats and a large metal cauldron in the centre of the room hanging over a purpose-built, soot-stained fireplace.
Strangely there wasn’t any movement in the room, except for one large black cat who suddenly stretched and balefully regarded him with large intelligent eyes.

    ‘Can I help you?’ A crackly voice from behind him enquired.
Stephen visibly jumped, startled and turned to see the elderly lady from the bus.

   Oh! Sorry, you made me jump, I wasn’t expecting you to come up behind me like that. I followed you here to return this book you left on the bus.’ stuttered Stephen still shaken by what he had seen.

    ‘Thanks, dearie, I wondered what had happened to that, it’s my magical book of spells. I knew it would find its way home and bring me some interesting company. Would you like to come inside for a brew? I am all alone here and I would love a little chat.’

    Stephen declined this kind offer, and said, ‘Sorry I peeked in your window and I couldn’t help noticing you have company already. I really must be getting along, I have several appointments to keep. Thanks all the same though.’

The elderly lady began to chuckle and cackle with laughter as Stephen’s words became clear to her. She continued to laugh out loud and finally, wiping tears of laughter from her eyes with the back of her hand, she said.

    ‘Oh, those are only the exhibits. Didn’t you see the notice over the front door, this is a waxworks exhibition. I’m Betty Humble the museum curator, I have to dress for the part. I’m only 25 years of age under all this makeup, come inside and have a nice cup of tea.’

Stephen hesitated for just seconds before he entered the house laughing at his stupidity for jumping to conclusions.
Oddly Stephen Hobbs disappeared from that day and he has never been seen since.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



Fire 2

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“Choking on ash I watched helplessly as the great tree Yggdrasil burned.”

Hmm! Well here goes…



by John Yeo


 First of all, I had better introduce myself. My name is Dumbmetheus. I live in the shadow of my heroic older brother Prometheus.

I was not in the picture when he stole that amazingly useful substance, fire, from the Gods. I was away practicing throwing the discus for the fun of it.

 When Prometheus quietly showed me this amazing substance, I could see he was onto a winner instantly.


‘Look here Dumby! This will change the direction of the whole of humanity. I can see the many uses these flames can be put to. I intend to introduce it to the mortals  slowly and let them find some methods of using fire.’


‘Wow, Prom! Surely the Gods will realise it was you who stole it!’


‘It’ll be too late then Dumb. Mankind will have the fire by then and it will improve life enormously.’


Well, I ask you, here he was with an outright miracle and he was prepared to hand it over to the crowd for nothing.  How stupid can you get? Suddenly a plan began to form in my thinking. Why don’t I steal some of this fire and sell it off to the highest bidder?


I took my chances and quietly took a burning flame in the shape of a torch and speedily made my way to hide among the branches of the great tree, Yggdrasil.

Suddenly a flame leaped from the torch and to my horror the huge tree caught fire. I picked up the torch and ran for my life.

Choking on ash I watched helplessly as the great tree Yggdrasil burned. I dumped the torch into a fast flowing river and began to run. Wherever I ran the fire followed me as if it was chasing me. I jumped into a lake and swam to the middle. The fire was everywhere, there was no escape as the great tree roots went under the lake.


Suddenly I heard a shout. ‘Hold on Dumbmetheus!’

To my great relief, I could see Prometheus in a gilded winged chariot. He reached down and snatched me out of the water, just in time. We flew high into the upper heavens and escaped the fiery inferno.

Sometime later tiny shoots appeared on the charred remains of the great tree Yggdrasil. Regrowth was speedy.


Prometheus guessed how his gift had escaped and dumped me on an isolated planet before he returned to face the music.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



When I first caught sight of this prompt, my first thought was… Who or what is Yggdrasil? Fortunately, Wikipedia came to my rescue along with a couple of other online sites.

This is what I came up with…..


Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in Norse cosmology. Yggdrasil is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the …


Yggdrasil is the tree of life, and it is an eternal green Ash tree; the branches stretch out over all of the nine worlds in Norse mythology, and extend up and above the heavens.

Yggdrasil is carried by three enormous roots, the first root from Yggdrasil is in Asgard, the home of the Gods.




Golf course Hill



‘A child’s imaginary friend needs to convince the child he’s real so he doesn’t disappear.’



by John Yeo

   The Murgaltree quietly moved in the wafts of the imaginary breezes in Teresa’s mind. He had been rehearsing an important piece of information in the depths of his voluminous trunk.

     ‘I know I’m unique, talking trees are not accepted by the rootless ones. Teresa’s parents must learn to accept our existence or we are nothing.’

  Teresa broke into his thought stream. ‘How can we go about that? No one will ever believe us.’

  The tree’s branches trembled visibly as he replied. ‘I have no idea, Tess. Perhaps if we can find another sensitive mind, we will be able to convince them.’

  Teresa smiled and suddenly thought, ‘What about my Uncle Peter? I swear he is the same, he has been in and out of hospitals because he hears strange words.’

   ‘We must try Tess! Bring him tomorrow and we will let him in on our secret. We must do something or I will disappear.’

  ‘Are you sure Murgy? What if he doesn’t understand?’

  ‘We must give it a try Tess bring him tomorrow.’

That evening Tess and her Uncle were walking in the large gardens at the back of their house.

    ‘Uncle, do you believe trees could ever talk?’

  ‘Anything is possible Tess, Why do you ask?’

     ‘Will you come to meet someone with me tomorrow please Uncle?’

  ‘Of course Tess! Who will we be meeting?’

   ‘It’s a surprise Uncle!’

 The next day, a brilliant Sun was shining from a blue sky. Birds were singing and flying to and fro in the woods as Teresa led her Uncle Peter to the lake where the Murgaltree was located.

Teresa stopped under the tree and thought loudly,

  ‘Hello, Murgy!’

  ‘Hello Tess!’ replied the tree using the power of thought.

Uncle Peter looked startled but he never said a word.

   ‘Did you hear that Uncle Peter?’

  ‘No Tess! What do you mean? Did I hear what?’

 Teresa looked sad and disappointed.

   ‘What can you hear Tess?’ Asked her Uncle. ‘Please don’t say you hear voices. They will never understand. I know.’

  ‘OK Uncle Peter, I think we should go home now.’

A few days later Tess arrived home,

broken-hearted, in tears.

  ‘Someone has cut down and killed the Murgaltree,’ she wailed.

  Uncle Peter looked away and looking unhappy he said. ‘Perhaps it’s for the best Tess? Talking trees can get people into a lot of trouble. No one seems to take it seriously, I know!’

Tess never recovered from her sadness and she became known as the lady of the woods. Ever hunting and haunting the glades searching for another friend to replace the Murgaltree.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.




Writer’s prompt
First sentence ~ Last sentence
Ask a friend to write down two sentences. The sentences should be seemingly unrelated.

Two sentences from Margaret which must begin and end the story. Either one first or last.

(1) Mary arrived at the station just as the last train of the day was leaving.

(2) There was a clap of thunder and flash of lightning just before the lights went out.




by John Yeo 

    There was a clap of thunder and flash of lightning just before the lights went out.
    “Not another bloody power cut! I will have to remember where I put the candles Sooty!”
  Mary cursed as she tripped over a pair of red high heeled shoes she had kicked off in the hall earlier. “I was fortunate there, wasn’t I Sooty?”

  Mary had developed the habit of talking to her feline friend over the years.
When her best friend Sue remarked on this habit over afternoon tea one day. Mary responded with the reply; “She often answers with purrs, mews and a friendly rub on my legs.”
   Sadly on this occasion Sooty was invisible as her black fur had made her melt into the background.
  Mary was able to locate candles and even a torch with live batteries, which was a surprise as she hadn’t used it for months.
  Another crash of thunder shook the very foundations of the house and with a loud squeal, Sooty jumped on her lap.
    A flash of lightning lit up the room and the sound of heavy rain on the windows heralded another crash of thunder.
     “Not really a night for going out Sooty; but I will have to go and check on Mum in Walford, 20 miles away. She is on her own and probably scared to death. I can’t get a signal for my IPhone, due to this weather. I will have to take the car.”
Ten minutes later, found Mary desperately trying to start her car without any success.
   “Damn it Sooty! I will have to take a taxi, it will be expensive, but at least I will be able to get a train home. I will have to brave the weather and walk down to the taxi rank. A good fifteen minute walk away: Now where did I put the umbrella?”
  Luckily there was a taxi on the rank and an hour later Mary was knocking loudly on her Mothers front door. There was no response and she was getting quite worried; when Mrs. Harvey a neighbour appeared and said,
  “She was fine earlier, I have a spare key, I can let you in if you like, Mary.”

     “Yes please Mrs. Harvey.”

     A shocking sight greeted their eyes as they entered the hall, Mary’s mother was lying unconscious in the hall.
  Mary quickly called an ambulance from her mother’s line and two paramedics arrived.
‘Good job there is a connection here she thought’
   With a sigh of relief Mary saw her Mother revived and there wasn’t anything seriously wrong. The ambulance took her to hospital for a few checks and she was kept in overnight.
  Mary realised she had made no arrangements for transport to get her back to her home. A friendly paramedic offered to drop her off at the railway station.

  Mary arrived at the station just as the last train of the day was leaving.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.


Prompt response based on the word of the day ~ January 2017 ~ LUMP


By John Yeo


    The clinic at the general hospital was crowded with patients waiting to be examined. There was a strong antiseptic smell everywhere.

The charming tea lady who worked for the friends of the hospital smiled as she asked.

     “One lump or two?”

      “Sorry! Our names have just come up on the board.”

  A little later, after a thorough examination, the physician asked the two patients to be seated.

  “Well, we have to have this investigated as soon as possible. There is nothing to worry about, everyone has lumps all over their bodies. I would like you to come into our outpatient department to carry out a small investigation procedure.”

  Dr Carswell the physician tried to look totally relaxed, but the obvious concern was clearly visible beneath her outward facade.

     “OK Doctor: When shall I come into your office again to see you?” enquired seven-year-old Jamie excitedly.

   Mrs, Durant, Jamie’s Mother quickly smiled and said; “Don’t worry Jamie.”

   Then she turned to the physician and said. “I will make an appointment for him on the way out Doctor.”

   Mother and son left the hospital together and joined the crowd on the highway. There was a great lump of people demonstrating against the latest cuts to the NHS budget.

      “Hey, Mum! When have I got to go back to see the nice lady doctor?” asked Jamie.

   “Next week Jamie, I know you like her.”

   “Look out Mum!” Jamie suddenly exclaimed. “You are about to tread in a lump of dog poo.”

   “Ooh! That was close; these are my new shoes. Well done Jamie.”

  “Where are we going now, Mum?”

   “Jamie, you know we always visit Granddad on Tuesdays.”

“Oh yes;” said Jamie shivering visibly. “I hope he has got a good fire going it is freezing cold today.”

 They were soon seated comfortably in front of a roaring coal fire in Granddad’s cottage. The smoke was drifting into the parlour a strong smoky smell permeated everything.

He casually tossed another lump of coal on the fire; smiling broadly he asked

     “How are you doing young Jamie?”

     “He has to go and see a nice lady doctor at the hospital next week Dad: Don’t worry it’s nothing serious.”

   Mrs Durant replied;  Jamie was busy feeding lumps of bread to the wild birds through the open back door.

  “That’s good news, Mary. Did you hear about the death of Bruce my poor dog? The vet had to put him down; it bought a lump to my throat when I remember the good times we’ve shared together.”

     “I can see you are putting on weight Dad since you have stopped taking that dog for a walk. You are becoming a great fat lump, I will have to try to replace poor old Bruce for you.”

   Jamie came rushing into the room from the garden.

   “Granddad the postman brought this letter and asked me to bring it to you.”

    “Thanks, Jamie: I wonder what this is?” Tearing open the envelope he suddenly laughed out loud.

     “It’s from the Premium bonds people; I have won a lump sum of £5000.00 pounds. We can all have a good share out now. We must enjoy life while we can, I heard on the radio there is a huge lump of rock approaching, an asteroid is  nearing our planet that will wipe us all out when it arrives.”

   Later that night as his Mother tucked him into bed. Jamie said. “Mum, will the asteroid hurt Heffalump when it arrives?” Cuddling his toy elephant tightly to his chest.

   “Don’t worry Jamie, Heffalump can never get hurt by anything.”


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



Prompt response based on the word of the day ~ January 2017 ~ CLOG


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By John Yeo

    Billy Bloggs in borrowed clogs joined the local clog dancing club. An assortment of seven other characters made up the group.
     Alex, Genevieve, Fanny and Mary were the ladies in the group; with James, Willie, and Tim. A wonderful assortment of characters it would be difficult to conjure up in the most fertile of imaginations.
All the dancers were dressed in black and a trio of musicians followed them about from place to place.

One memorable day there was a scream:

  “Help me!”
Startled; everyone rushed to the toilet to find Alex was trapped inside.
   “Help me please;” she begged, the bloody toilet is clogged up and the smell is overpowering.”
After much laughter and playful banter, Alex was released, unhappy to be the butt of cloggy jokes.
A plumber was called by the organisers who removed a clog of the unmentionable from the drain.

   Alex partnered James and they had a little mongrel dog, called Chum, who followed them relentlessly everywhere. A local fan had fashioned a tiny set of four doggy clogs and Chum was to be regularly seen clogging away. A skeptic once said the poor little pup was doing his best to get rid of these encumbrances.

     “How does he manage to cock his leg if he is hampered by an alien artifact?” asked a concerned bystander.

  Genevieve and Willie were very late one extraordinary day when the fete they were dancing in became so clogged up with visitors, they were unable to get away. Obviously, they pushed their way into the beer tent where they kicked off their clogs and let their long greasy lanks of hair down. Filling their discarded clogs with the strong beer they passed the time in an inebriated cloggers party.

   Billy’s friend Mary accompanied him during the dancing and they were both soon enjoying the experience enormously.
One day they took a bus into town and got stuck in a traffic jam the road was blocked, clogged up with traffic. When they finally reached their digs they were handed a bill by the landlady, Mrs. Jones who had called a plumber because they had blocked her sink and clogged it up with cooking fat.

     Tim partnered Fanny, Tim was a natural clog performer as he was a Dutchman; the Dutch wear clogs for everyday footwear. Fanny said he was the star of the show, who would walk a tightrope in clogs to win a bet.
  Tim would decorate some of his used Dutch clogs by painting them with oil paint drawing some amazing pictures with wonderful illustrations of windmills. These would then be sold for beer money and the whole group of clog dancers would party and celebrate.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.