A Prompt response to the daily Prompt on WordPress. September 8th 2017


by John Yeo

    Kelly was restless, the reason was beyond her, she couldn’t make it out. What was happening? Why did she feel so uneasy?
  There was nothing that could be pinned down to a concrete reason for this strange unease that seemed to be flooding throughout her being. Kelly rose from her bed, shook her mass of blonde hair and switched on the television. She grabbed the remote and pressed the volume button. Hard. Without any effect. There was no sound, there has got to be a fault with my TV set, she thought, She went over and punched the button to turn on the radio. Still no sound from there either.
     It took a moment or two to register on her consciousness. Then with a scream…”I can’t hear anything…I’ve gone deaf overnight. What can I do? I can’t phone anyone up because I won’t be able to hear anything!”
 The silence that seemed to descend and flood her being, was like nothing she had experienced before. Just absolute silence; nothing could be heard by her at all.
     ‘I must get some help!’ she thought to herself and she rushed out into the street without thinking, then she suddenly realised she was in a shortie nightie.
  A passing builders labourer, a stocky man with a shock of red hair, suddenly emitted a piercing wolf whistle. He was with two friends and they all curled up with laughter.
    Kelly was angry about this. “Help me you dirty swine! I can’t hear anything!”
  They continued to laugh and one said. “You heard that whistle because you angrily reacted.”
   Kelly suddenly realised she could hear every word and every noise was getting louder and louder. She suddenly became embarrassed and aware she was on a busy street with next to nothing on. The traffic noise became overwhelming and just got louder and louder, deafening her mind with an unbelievable intensity. Now scared out of her wits, she raced back into her flat. There the television was on at full volume and the radio was blasting out a crescendo of deafening music. Kelly rushed to switch them off, she was soon lost in silence again.
   There was a knock at the door. Mrs. Jones her nosey neighbour stood on the doorstep.    “Are you alright love? I heard your loud music blasting out when the lights came back on. We had a general power cut and everything went off.”
Kelly dried her eyes on the back of her hand, and screamed with relieved laughter, she gave Mrs. Jones a massive hug as she mumbled her thanks.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.