Prompt response based on the word of the day ~ January 2017 ~ SWING


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by John Yeo


   When Donny was a young man he used to love going to the local park with his Father. Dad would push the seesaw up and down to give young Donny a ride, then push him down the slide. Donny would laugh and squeal for more, at the excitement of the moment.

   Donny’s favourite was easily the swing, he enjoyed the feeling of flying through the air and the uncertainty of this ride as his Daddy pushed him higher and higher. Swinging up and down with the momentum of magical uncertainty.

   “Higher, higher! I want the swing to be upwards. Ever higher! Please; Daddy.” Squealed the little fellow excitedly.

    On the way home, Father, who habitually walked along swinging his arms was emulated by little Donny, and soon both father and son were swinging along the road together all the way home.

  As the years passed by, Donny; now a young man spent three years at university studying economics. He became a member of a swinging rock group, playing a golden trumpet, a young rocker, always in the swing of the social scene. It was at a student ball when Donny met Maria, then after a whirlwind courtship, they were soon wed and happily married.

  In spite of the embarrassing situation that occurred when they discovered their neighbours were involved in a wife-swapping group. Swingers who hinted to our couple they would be welcome. An invitation that was rapidly declined.

Donny became a successful entrepreneur, wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice. A man who was both liked and respected at home and in the world of finance.

  A keen golfer, it was rumoured he had a swing worthy of a professional,

  In his later years, Donny dabbled in politics and was soon in line to become the leader of the local political party. There had been a huge swing in public opinion and he was soon elected as leader of the party. Of course, there was opposition and a lot of sour grapes as his opposition had been a well-liked respected politician.

  One day a lone wolf gunman took a shot at Donny and missed killing a bodyguard.

   “You’ll swing for this! Swing on the end of a rope until you are dead! An eye for an eye.” Came several shouts from the crowd.

    Donny never did retire, he was always involved in some form of business operation.  His fortune depended on the swings of the temperamental stock exchange.

  He was found one day dead from a heart attack, swinging in a hammock in his beloved garden.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



This is a response to a prompt on Robert Lee Brewer’s blog, Poetry Asides,


The prompt No 373  is to write a card poem.


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by John Yeo

Devils, Witches, Wizards, and Goblins too,
Rocking the night away.
A banquet was served of deviled kidney stew
As the monsters were at play.
Sour cream sauce and blood-red wine!
Mingled together in a heady brew
Kept the evil frivolity under way.

Bong! As a clang of the doorbell-gong.
Announced a late arrival,
A phantom butler answered the door.
Then jumped back in horror and fright.
There in a shining white clerical collar
Stood a ghastly frightful nightmarish sight
A priest stood smiling broadly.


The Party-Host, a satanic prince, looked hard,
Scrutinized the interloper closely.
“Who are you? Can I see your invitation card?
This is a private haunting party.”
The priest put his hands up in horror and said
“I am not here to party, I am here to complain.
Would you kindly keep the noise down

The noise in the graveyard is waking the dead.”


It was then the turn of the host to smile
As he motioned the priest to enter.
“Here is a special invitation card.
Stay with us for a while.
While we wait for our friends from the graveyard.
Stay and enjoy the party.”


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.



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For today’s prompt, write a festive poem. It doesn’t matter the occasion, and the festivities can just be the backdrop for the poem. Remember that even a sinister story like Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” happened during a carnival time. So no matter the mood, write with festivities in mind.


by John Yeo

“I don’t feel like it, I don’t want to go,
Can’t we make an excuse?
You don’t really like them at all.
They are total snobs, just showing off
By throwing money around.
Don’t be a silly fool!

They’re a family that never mixes,
Why should we pretend?
Just because it’s Christmas.
Let them enjoy their luxurious party
With food and presents in plenty,
Gifts and fine wine by the glass.

Perhaps we should show our faces,
Even though it will be a chore.
We deserve to share the festival
Perhaps we will get some presents
To take back home with us.
It really is Christmas after all.

I suppose we will have to take
A bottle of red and white wine.
Climb in the taxi, mind your dress,
Hello! How are you all? Cheers!
Happy Christmas! Lovely to see you!
It has been such a very long time!”

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.